Application development is the process to develop program(s) that satisfies specific business requirements. We follow standard processes(software development life cycle) throughout the project lifecycle to ensure that the solution meets the required objectives. Our execution process for a project includes:


Requirement Analysis

  • To define and deliver a solution which satisfies specific business requirements, it is essential to have clear and thorough understandings of the project requirement.
  • We analyze project requirement by interactive client communication and define requirement specification which ensure that we deliver a solution which satisfies business requirements.
  • We finalize list of functionality that the system should provide.



  • Define and decide hardware and software to be used.
  • Discuss possible approaches and finalize best approach based on the requirements, the resources available to do the job.
  • Decision about Framework design and duration of project by our experts.
  • Define details on how the system will work.
  • Ensure that design is structured to accommodate future enhancement or changes.



  • Define implementation phases as per details defined during Requirements Analysis and Software Designing.
  • Perform actual development/programming according to the set milestones.
  • Make use of appropriate tools and technology to deliver efficient product.
  • Maintain code quality by following programming standards e.g. Naming conventions, code comments.



  • To deliver quality software, software testing is an essential part of development process.
  • We define test cases against the requirements to make sure that the product is actually solving the needs addressed and gathered during the requirements phase.
  • For each milestone, we perform appropriate test cases to ensure quality of each deliverable.



  • Freeze the actual code and project documents for each release.
  • Prepare deployment package and document which guides how to deploy.
  • Determine the resources required to operate at the customer site and collect information for carrying out subsequent activities of actual deployment process.



  • Application maintenance services help to keep the business work flow up and running.
  • Fixing errors, implementing new or changed user requirements which concern functional enhancements to the software.
  • Existing systems need to be upgraded to remain in tune with the changing market trends. It is very much important to keep your existing systems optimized and in tune with the latest technologies to avail maximum benefits, and we make this possible through our services.